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Equipo de Marketing August 13, 2015

Take part in a language exchange, be a host family and you can learn spanish in Londonn in your own home through conversations or course in spanish.

Learning a new language can cause many headaches; having to think about the best way to go about it, the time you’ll have to invest in it and the cost of doing a course, if it’ll cost a lot, if you’ll choose the right one, the teachers… In a nutshell, there are hundreds of things to think about which can overwhelm you and mean that you let the opportunity pass.

On the other hand, learning a new language is a chance to grow professionally and personally, it opens doors to a new cultural and working world.

One language which is ever more present in the world is Spanish. Being able to speak this language means that you can communicate with more than 495 million people, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is spoken on all 5 continents.

Nowadays, there are several ways to learn Spanish, traditionally with classes at an academy or more modern options through new technology like an online platform.

But, we are going to tell you about the most efficient methods so you don’t let this opportunity to learn a new language in a quick, easy and fun way slip away.

We suggest these two options:

You could learn Spanish going to bars where there are language exchanges and conversing with Spaniards in their native language. This is a way to learn Spanish and to get used to hearing their accent. But you don’t just learn Spanish at these language exchanges; you also have to take a turn speaking in your own language and teaching your exchange partner. This is how an effective exchange is created as both parties will learn the language that interests them.

This method is ideal for those looking to lose their inhibitions and not be scared of speaking in a foreign language as both of you will be in the same boat. So, you will be able to forget your embarrassment and fear of getting it wrong together.


On top of that, you can do courses in London and practise conversations with native teachers who aside form making you speak in Spanish, will help you to improve your grammar and spelling and above all will help you to correct your mistakes so you can improve.

There is, of course, another way. As an English host family, you can invite a Spanish person into your home and learn Spanish without even leaving your house.


Being a host family means providing lodging for a foreign guest and then practising your Spanish conversation skills through living and doing daily tasks together such as cooking, watching films, going to the cinema, showing them around your city and talking about the news for example. There are thousands of activities that you do every day that will help you learn effectively to speak Spanish fluently in London without leaving your own home. Furthermore, you will be in contact with the Spanish language as much as you would like to be.


 Organise your language exchange, try being an English host family so you can learn Spanish in London talking to Spanish natives through MyHOSTpitality.

 By registering with and forming part of our online MyHOSTpitality community you will be able to choose the option of being a host family in London and offering accommodation to a native Spanish guest and learning the language through every day conversations.

Once your member profile is set up as a host family in London and your data form is completed, you will be able to see all the profiles of the Spanish people who are interested in learning English and in teaching Spanish. These guests will also be able to see your profile and if both parties are in agreement, they can get in touch and establish the conditions of your stay such as the dates, tasks or a schedule for practicing your languages.

What do you think about this way of learning Spanish in London? Of being a host family, of learning through living together and only having to provide a room for someone in exchange? You get to practice the language having conversations in Spanish while your family teaches your guest English.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of doing a linguistic and cultural exchange. It’s a unique adventure which you will enjoy and take a lot away from. These days, knowing languages is essential!



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