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Holy Week in Seville

Traditions and festivals

Holy Week in Seville

Equipo de Marketing April 2, 2015

Holy Week in Seville: feast, tradition and faith

Holy week in Seville has a long tradition, its origins date back to the 15th century when the first brotherhoods begin being created and where the figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary are the center of the devotion of the Catholics. Music, “saetas” and silence fill the streets day and night. A tradition that can be difficult to understand but that does not leave anybody indifferent.

The processions take place from Friday “de Dolores” to the Domingo “de Resurección”. But perhaps the night that is lived with more fervor is the “Madrugá”, which is the night of Good Friday.

In this link you can find the official itinerary of Holy Week in Seville 2015.

Another custom is to visit the temples in the morning, before the processional exit of “los pasos”.

Holy Week involves the use of a vocabulary a little special, are you able to recognize all these terms?

Nazarenos, Costaleros, Acólitos, Pertigueros, Priostes, Saetas, Trabajaderas, Insignias, Senatus, and many more.

Holy Week in Seville. Video wishes you enjoy these days of rest.


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