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Equipo de Marketing December 17, 2015

We would like to introduce you to a great language learning app HelloTalk.


HelloTalk is available for Android or iOS.


For those who don’t know, HelloTalk is a great language app that allows you to connect with native speakers anywhere in the world to practice and learn languages. It can be hard to find someone to practice a new language with, but HelloTalk changes all that.


HelloTalk is the world’s premier language exchange social networking app. It is a tried and tested application that has been around since 2011. This year it announced that it had reached the 2 million registered global users mark. Currently HelloTalk supports over 120 languages (see below for a list of languages supported) with users from over 200 countries.

language learning

There are opportunities via other websites and apps to arrange language exchanges or take regular lessons with a qualified teacher. And you can do so using any number of communication tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts. But with the specialised language learning app HelloTalk you have everything you need in one handy package.


HelloTalk is an amazing tool for the foreign language student. And what’s more it’s free!!


Premium paid extras include translation, voice recognition, and transliteration. These are fantastic extras, but the basic free package is perfectly excellent as a standalone app.


HelloTalk is like Whatsapp PLUS a substantial database of foreign language partners all ready, willing and able to help you practice your chosen foreign language.


Next to each user you will see a flag to indicate their location, allowing you to choose people to practise specific language requirements (e.g. Castellano Spanish or Latin American).

language learning

HelloTalk is a compact tool that opens up a world of possibilities to someone who is interested in learning foreign languages. With this fantastic language learning app HelloTalk there are really are no reasons why you can’t take your chosen foreign language to the highest levels and become truly bilingual.


Another really handy tool with the HelloTalk app is that you can share your GPS location to make it easier to find language partners in your area. You may not wish to do this of course, but it can be really nice to find local language partners who you can occasionally meet up with in person to practice face to face conversation. With over a million HelloTalk users there is a good chance of finding someone nearby.


This can be a great option if you are travelling abroad and fancy getting tips and advice from locals.


So why not try out the language learning app HelloTalk for yourself. Go to the Android or iOS store to install it.


Here’s the link. Click it and enjoy your language learning with HelloTalk.


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