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Equipo de Marketing October 20, 2017


English Culture: What it’s like to celebrate Halloween with a host family.

Like every 31st October, Halloween, witches night or witches day is celebrated; a day when the living mix with the dead. It is a festive day of Celtic origin that is usually celebrated in English speaking countries like Canada, America, Ireland and the UK and to a lesser extent in other places such as Spain and Latin America. It’s a celebration which is becoming more and more well-known due to its popularity and expansion through cinema and television.  The holiday has lots of history and many traditions you can learn about celebrating Halloween with a host family.

Its origins are in the celebration of Samhain and also with the Christian festival ‘All Saint’s Day’ which Catholics celebrate on the 1st November.

In many countries, children, dressed up as witches, skeletons, dead people, devils, monsters etc, go out into the streets which are decorated in a scary way with pumpkins, skeletons and spider webs. They ask for sweets, calling at each house singing the famous phrase ‘trick or treat’.

The famous trick or treat which consists of the owner of the house either giving the children sweets (treats) or not giving them anything and the disguised children playing tricks, usually throwing eggs at the house (trick).

The older ones usually go out partying after the younger children have been collected.

In Spain, it has only recently started to be celebrated but each year more than the last. It is usually celebrated in bars or atmospheric night spots where people dress up to go to a party in the evening.


Halloween Vocabulary.

We’re going to give you some of the most common words used during this celebration that you can learn, in case you decide to go and celebrate. This way you won’t miss out on anything! Here are some of the most popular words:

  • Halloween (Noche de Brujas)
  • Bat (murciélago)
  • black cat (gato negro)
  • Candy (caramelos)
  • Cobweb (telaraña)
  • Costume (disfraz)
  • Devil (diablo)
  • Ghost (fantasma)
  • haunted house (casa embrujada)
  • magic (magia)
  • monster (monstruo)
  • mummy (momia)
  • pumpkin (calabaza)
  • skeleton (esqueleto)
  • spell (hechizo)
  • spider (araña)
  • vampire (vampiro)
  • witch (bruja)
  • wizard (brujo, mago)
  • Black and Orange Boo Cups ( tazas de abucheo negro y de naranja )
  • Creepy Crawlers ( Aduladores espeluznates)
  • Mini Pumpkin Patch Cakes ( Mini tortas de trozos de calabaza )
  • Nutty Ghosts ( Fantasmas de nuez )
  • Spider Critter Cakes ( Tortas de bicho de araña )
  • Spooky Snack Hands ( Manos de bocado )
  • Frightful Sweets ( caramelos espantosos )
  • Shortbread “Fingers” ( Mantecado de dedos )
  • Sugar Cookie Ghosts ( fantasmas de galleta de azúcar )
  • Gingerbread Jack-O\\\’-Lanterns ( linternas de jack de hojaldre )

Celebrate Halloween with your host family on a language exchange.


If you’d like to enjoy these festivities first-hand, to travel to those countries where it’s celebrated and get to know all the English customs besides, next year you could try a language exchange. You could go and live with a host family in England, get to know all about their traditions and their culture and on top of that, you’ll be able to learn English, which is always a good option, first-hand.

You can register on our platform as a guest in England to learn languages with a host family which you choose according to what you have in common with them. You also decide between you on the conditions and duration of the stay.

You’ll receive free lodging just for teaching your language. Don’t wait to try this new experience any longer; it will change your life without a doubt. And you’ll be able to enjoy this festival or many others depending on when you go.

You could also send your child to enjoy a time abroad so they learn English and try this experience. Your children will learn English through daily living.  They can also live these traditions, celebrate Halloween with a host family. They’ll open their minds, broaden their horizons and will be able to understand, respect and not judge other points of view. They’ll be more tolerant and open towards other lifestyles and even more selfless. They’ll see problems in a different way and will be able to adapt to any situation or environment, and above all, they’ll learn to learn from their mistakes.

Halloween with a host family

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