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Equipo de Marketing December 3, 2015

What are the most common excuses given when it comes to learning languages?


Learning languages appears to be the order of the day but without a doubt it’s a task that for many can be onerous. It’s a chore that requires effort and persistence and this is why we are always looking for excuses not to learn a new language.

Here, we give you the 5 most common excuses given when getting ready to learn a language. Often in the end, we don’t go through with it because we come up with one of these reasons:

1- I don’t like it.

This is the main problem; we have to learn a language for school or professional reasons which can make it seem like an obligation and therefore you end up not liking it. In this case, motivation is key. You need to set yourself some goals and have a positive attitude towards the learning of the language which will help you in the future to pass subjects or get promoted more quickly at work.

2- I don’t have time.

Another very typical excuse is time. Students and workers spend many hours studying or working and it’s difficult to find time to go to class or to an academy, that’s why you need to plan your timetable and find a couple of hours a day. If actually going to class is too difficult, there are other options such as distance learning courses or hosting a native speaker at your house and learning through living together. We’ll explain this last option a little later.

3- It’s very difficult.

When we see another language, we automatically think it’s too difficult because it doesn’t look like ours. Not understanding and not knowing how to speak it scares us but it’s all a question of applying ourselves. At first, it can be complicated but bit by bit, you’ll start learning tricks and it’ll keep getting easier and easier, all you need is effort and perseverance.

4- I’m too old to learn languages.

Any language can be learned at any age. There’s no specific age which is considered best for learning. This is because your capacity to learn languages is innate and the main factor, as we’ve said, is motivation.

5- Why do I need to learn it? What for?

These are frequent questions when we’re told we have to learn a language and the answer is very simple. In the working world, more and more often businesses require you to have a second language, this is because more and more often businesses have to focus internationally, it also helps you to get grants and study abroad.


You need to avoid falling into these excuses and look for some motivation. Here’s a page where they give you some motivational tricks to learn languages:

A major motivation for learning languages would be living with the language, that is to say, travelling to a foreign country to learn the language by surrounding yourself in its culture and traditions. This is an easier and quicker way to learn the language, you’ll also be practicing with natives and this will give you sufficient motivation and energy to learn the language. Here at MyHOSTpitality you have this option of travelling abroad to learn languages if you’re interested.

Another option, if travelling abroad isn’t possible, is having a native to stay at home with you, practicing the language with them will make for a fun routine. You’ll have to communicate with him or her for several hours a day and they’ll also teach you things about their country.

These are two options that you can find in our community as well as a linguistic exchange, if you’re interested, register!

If you register, you can enjoy huge benefits such as saving costs, you can choose who you want to join up with for one of these options and then together with your exchange partner you can agree conditions and dates. This all means that you have an assured linguistic and cultural immersion as learning languages will be both of your objectives.

What did you think of these excuses? Typical, right?  Well, they’re just that: excuses. Don’t let them stop you from starting to learn languages! If you want it, you can do it!

Go for it!



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