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Equipo de Marketing October 8, 2015

Learn Spanish with a linguistic exchange for children.


Starting to learn Spanish from a young age and getting a head start on the learning process when nowadays, having knowledge of other languages is getting ever more important in the work and education fields, is a fantastic idea.

There are studies that show that learning another language when young, even from birth can allow one to master and use two languages proficiently. It is also demonstrated in these studies that by learning more than one language, their linguistic competence is improved, their brain develops and further language learning and even learning about cultures and different ways of thinking can be easier.

Children shouldn’t be forced to learn Spanish; the best option is for them to want to learn, in this way, their learning will be effective. Try inspiring them with cartoons, songs, films and games in Spanish.


We, in the MyHOSTpitality community suggest trying a linguistic and cultural immersion, a language exchange; that is to say that you send one of your children to another country to stay with a host family and be treated as if he or she were one of the family. Then, you receive the child of the other family and reciprocate.

There are many reasons for your child to try a foreign exchange, it’s very beneficial. They will learn to be more independent, learn to look after themselves, mature and become more tolerant and respectful to other cultures. Furthermore they will increase their capacity for learning and for listening, to appreciate human principles and values, and above all: they will better themselves, on top of learning Spanish in a quick and effective way which will become an element that stands out in their academic and professional future.

Here, we leave to you a link wich explain five Good Reasons to Raise Your Children Bilingual:

The exchange could take place during school holidays or during term time, maybe they could try a few weeks or even a whole term abroad.


Get your children learning Spanish being a host family.


It won’t just benefit your children, however your whole family when you invite a Spanish native into their midst. You’ll learn about their culture, traditions and values and also practice their language at the same time as teaching them yours.

Practicing a language at home is a very useful way of getting used to hearing it, of losing your fear of speaking and of having more fluent conversations.

Without a doubt, it is an enriching experience, as much for the younger generation as for the parents.

Why not take a look at our website where you’ll find all the information and you can make the decision to do an exchange.

Now here are some reasons that organising your exchange as a member of our community has big advantages:

  • It will save you a lot. You won’t need to pay any language agency costs or to sign your child up for classes or courses.
  • You can choose the family with whom you’ll do the exchange, according to both your likes and dislikes.
  • You can also get in touch with them to agree what type of stay it will be for the children and establish the conditions.
  • There is no doubt that a linguistic immersion will take place as your child will be in contact with the language on a constant basis. Equally, when you receive the member of the other family, they’ll have to practice constantly.
  • You are also assured a cultural immersion, for the same reasons. The children who go/come will get to know the culture, values, traditions, customs and food of the other country first hand; they’ll also go on trips… So when they’re learning about you, you’ll also be learning about them and their customs.

And if you have any questions, doubts or suggestions, we’d love to help you. We’ll respond in the shortest time possible. You can either get in touch with us by email or through our social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

If you think this is an interesting way to learn Spanish, come and join our community by registering on our website, sharing our news and getting all of your friends to be a part of our great community too!



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