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Equipo de Marketing September 3, 2015

Learn Spanish through a language exchange

Now that summer’s coming to an end and September, a month when one of people’s most popular new challenges is to start learning a new language, is starting, it’s the perfect time to learn Spanish.

It’s an opportunity that, not just students starting a new school year, however everyone should take advantage of. This is why MyHOSTpitality is as much for young people as for adults, for students as for professionals and for the whole family.

So, today we’re going to tell you all about how to use this month productively and learn Spanish in a new way, living a marvellous adventure, yes, look, pay attention!

With MyHOSTpitality, learn Spanish through a language exchange.

As part of MyHOSTpitality’s community, you can start learning Spanish in one of two ways: either through a linguistic exchange or a linguistic stay. We’ll explain it in more detail in the following lines:

It is carried out between two members of the community who send a family member for a period of time to learn another language abroad by living with spanish host family. On a reciprocal basis, that family will, in turn, host a member of this family.

This modality is recommended for families with teenagers and/or young people, who want to organize language exchanges abroad for their children, during school holidays or during the school year to study for several weeks, a quarter, semester or academic year in another country. Also, it is recommended for adults,who are interested in language learning and want to organize a language exchange abroad.

Exchange members of our community must have the following characteristics

  • Interest in language learning.
  • Curiosity to know about other cultures.
  • Open-minded attitude towards coexistence with people from other countries.
  • Spirit of welcoming and hospitality.
  • “Enthusiasm”for teaching the native langu

Modality linguistic stay to learn spanish  (guest – host)

a) Guest at home for learn spanish

One member of them offers accommodation to another member in exchange for practicing the spanish  language of the member whom he/she is hosting. The guest member therefore has the opportunity to get to know the lifestyle, the culture and the language spanish, with the benefit of accommodation in exchange. In return, the guest will share and practice his/her native language with the host member, as agreed.

Recommended for adults and young people that want to get to know other cultures and/or reinforce their language learning by visiting other countries and living together with a native family.

b) Host family to learn Spanish

Offer accommodation to a guest member from spanish and practice his native language with him/her in your own home through the coexistence, while you carry out daily activities (cooking, eating, chatting, hanging out with friends, watching TV, listening to music, practicing hobbies, etc.) during the daily times that you agree upon.

This option is recommended for families who want to reinforce language learning of some of theirs members (adults or children) through living together with a spanish native in their own home and professional who can’t find the time to dedicate to language learning and/or have become bored attending academies and not progressing.

Host and Guest  members of our community must have the following characteristics:

  • Curiosity to know about other cultures.
  • Open-minded attitude towards coexistence with people from other countries.
  • “Enthusiasm” for teaching the native language.
  • Spirit of welcoming and hospitality.

It is very easy, become a member of our community has many benefits:

  • Minimum cost. Language agencies that run as intermediaries are eliminated and therefore the costs of these linguistic immersion experiences can be reduced.
  • The members themselves decide with which other community members they want to make the language exchange according to criteria.
  • Flexibility in dates. Members agree to the dates and duration of the language exchange.
  • Assured linguistic immersion. Interest in the language exchange is mutual, which ensures the practice of the language by both parties.
  • Assured cultural immersion. Both families agree to contribute to an environment of welcoming and hospitality.

Don’t wait any longer! Learn Spanish in Spain or learn spanish in your home and take full advantage of this month of September when registration is free!


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