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Equipo de Marketing May 14, 2015

Learn Spanish by being a host family, welcoming a person from this country and providing accommodation in your own home, in return, the Spanish guest will share with the members of your family: their language, customs and Spanish traditions, during certain hours of the day. Being a host family gives you the opportunity to share your family environment, to practise the Spanish language and to learn about the culture of this country through cohabitation with the guest, who will learn English and will learn about the traditions and customs of your country.

This option is based on hospitality and requires involvement on the part of both. For the success of this linguistic and cultural exchange and the aim of learning Spanish by being a host family to be achieved, it is necessary that all persons involved are committed to being responsible and positive. The English host family must have a spirit of welcoming and hospitality, at the same time as an interest in getting to know another language and be prepared to cohabit. The guest, who is being offered accommodation, should be “generous” when teaching their native language, in this case Spanish, to adults or to children from their host family.

Therefore, the only and simple requirement to be part of the MyHOSTpitality community and learn Spanish by being a host family is the requirement is to have the desire to share time with someone from another country and have an interest in their language and customs. Some ways to enjoy this experience and for both parties to learn equally are to perform daily activities such as chatting, watching TV, commenting on the news, going to the movies, cooking, listening to music, going out with friends, teaching throughout the city, excursions and hobbies. By doing all these activities you will be learning continuously and the objective will be fulfilled on both sides, by learning the language of the other with more fluidity in a nice and fun way and in real-life situations.

In addition, having a Spanish guest at home is a great opportunity to learn about Spain, a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage that has numerous traditions such as Semana Santa, los San Fermines, las Fallas, among others. Without forgetting to mention the exquisite and varied gastronomy.

The host family can take advantage of their moments of conversation and Spanish practice with the guest to talk about these things and learn more about Spain, its culture and its language.

Here you have a link where you can find information about the culture of this country.

It is important to emphasize that the number of students of Spanish in England has increased in the last few years, the reports of the Cervantes Institute reflect this growth of interest in learning the language of Don Quixote among English people.

In addition, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, there are 21 countries that have it as an official language, and the percentage of the world’s population that speaks Spanish as a native language is increasing.

If you’re one of the English people who has decided to dedicate time to learning this language, here is no better way to learn Spanish than by being a host family.

Currently, many Spanish people decide to travel to England in search of good professional opportunities in this country or to learn English. This is an opportunity for the English people interested in learning Spanish, who can arrange an linguistic immersion in their own home, cohabiting with some of the Spanish people who move to their country.

Now you have the opportunity of an incredible experience that benefits all family members, from the kids who are learning another language and experiencing having an older brother or sister from another country to the adults who, besides learning the language, will have a wider view of the world. This cultural and language exchange will bring a degree of novelty and diversity to your family.

MyHOSTpitality gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish by being a host familychoosing and selecting the perfect candidate who suits your family,  contacting them and establishing the conditions of the agreement, such as the duration of the stay or the number of hours that you will share the cultural and language exchange each day.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this incredible and passionate experience, teach and  learn another language equally through cohabitation.

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