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Equipo de Marketing July 30, 2015

Learn spanish and get to know the Spanish culture during your holiday

In two days time it will already be August, a month to take full advantage of and if you don’t have any plans, let us recommend coming to Spain, learning Spanish and discovering the marvellous Spanish culture!

Spain is a fabulous destination for the month of August so why not enjoy your summer here? You can learn about the spanish culture and spanish language with a host family which means not having to pay accommodation costs.

Yes, you read that right! Visit Spain with free accommodation, in return for something very simple: teach your host family your language; that is take part in a language exchange.

Spain is a highly sought after tourist destination, it’s a perfect combination of great culture, language, history, fun, weather, nature, beaches and food.

  • Culture

Discover the Spanish culture with your host family. Spain is a country with a rich cultural and historical patrimony including all the different stages from prehistoric times until now: from Celts to Greeks, Phoenicians to Romans and Muslims… All have left their influence on the Peninsula while passing through over the centuries.


  • History

Learn Spanish in Spain to listening to the thousands of stories your host family has to tell you. Spain’s history encompasses a period going from prehistoric times in the Iberian Peninsula through the subsequent foundation of Roman Spain right up to the modern Kingdom of Spain.

  • Language

Spanish is considered one of the languages of the future, it is the second most spoken language in the world and these alone are great reasons to learn it with a spanish host family.

  • Traditions

Worldwide, the most well known Spanish traditions are flamenco, the siesta and bull fighting.

There are of course other celebrations of cultural interest known around the world like, for example, ‘La Tamborrada’, ‘La Tomatina’, the San Fermin festival, Holy Week, St John’s Eve, Carnival and The Falles among others. With your host family, you could enjoy these events while learning Spanish, teaching them English and having fun.

  • The Weather

The climate is very varied, you can choose learn spanish in Spain where to stay depending on the climate.

– The Mediterranean, which dominates the Peninsula is characterised by mild, rainy winters and dry, hot summers. The spring and autumn tend to vary.

-The Atlantic, found in the North and North East of the country, from Galicia to the Pyrenees. It is known for its considerable rainfall.

-The Subtropical, which is the Canary Island’s climate.

-The Mountain Climate, found in the large mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees. The winters are very cold and the summers cool.

  • Nature

The nature in Spain is a true marvel. According to UNESCO it is the country with the second largest amount of declared biosphere reserves, so there is a huge diversity of countryside; mountains, forests, valleys and cliffs…

You will be able to enjoy all of this with your spanish host family and learn spanish  while organising and enjoying your trips.

  • Beaches

Spain has some of the best beaches in the world. There are all types to suit everyone.

  • Gastronomy

Thanks to the geographic, climatic and cultural differences around this country, Spain has an exquisite and varied cuisine with lots of different styles.

If you come to Spain, your spanish host family will encourage you to try some typical dishes such as gazpacho, tortilla or Spanish omelette, paella and Migas.


Organise your language Exchange, learn Spanish and understand Spanish culture with MyHOSTpitality.

 Register on our website and become part of our community. Choose Spain as a destination and look at the Spanish host families in each city. Choose your destination and the family that you most like the look of. Get in contact with them to ensure they are the perfect fit and clarify everything before travelling for example the dates of your trip and the activities you’ll be doing together.

Live with your Spanish host family, you will be like another member of their family and learning Spanish will come very easily when taking part in daily tasks like cooking, watching TV, listening to music, visiting museums and going to restaurants or parties.

What are you waiting for? Come on holiday to Spain and discover the spanish culture and learn Spanish!


Register now, it´s free!!!


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