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Equipo de Marketing September 17, 2015

Make learning Spanish easier with these tricks:

When you decide to learn Spanish, however you go about it, going to private classes, doing an online course or doing one in person, there’s a series of basic tasks that you need to complete so that learning Spanish becomes faster and easier and you can achieve your aim.

That’s why we are leaving you with five simple tricks that you should keep in mind for the learning process to be more practical.

1- Set short term goals.

Know for sure that you want to learn Spanish and set objectives thinking sensibly about the time needed to complete each goal, whether it’s speaking fluently or getting a certificate.

2- Incorporate spanish into your daily routine.

Don’t just go to class or practice a couple of hours a day, try learning Spanish while completing daily activities, for example:

a)Read books, but in Spanish and have a dictionary to hand in order to note down words or phrases that you don’t know. This way you’ll learn new vocabulary. Here are some suggestions of books you could try in Spanish.

Books in spanish

b) Listen to music and get used to the pronunciation. A good idea is to download songs and listen while you’re singing.

c) You can watch films and series in Spanish. Our advice is that first you put the subtitles on in your own language, then in Spanish, working your way up to watching them with no subtitles.

d) The News. Listen to and read the news in Spanish. Besides being a great way to know what is happening in the world, you’ll also be practicing, reading and learning more technical language.

e) Other suggestions. You can put your phone, social networks or other applications such as apps and games in Spanish instead of your own language so you get used to having Spanish in your daily life.

d) Notes. Take note of all the new words, phrases and expressions that you don’t know. Have them to hand so you can look at them daily and learn them by heart.

e) Find a friend to practice with.

f) Practice with a friend. Agree on some time to talk or write to each other in Spanish instead of your own language. It is a great, fun way to stop being embarrassed of speaking in public as talking to someone you trust helps you to lose your inhibitions when it comes to talking in Spanish.

g) Connect with native Speakers. Speaking in Spanish with friends is a good way to start but who better to practice English with than with native speakers. They’ll correct your mistakes and improve your pronunciation, aside from helping you learn vocabulary you’d hear on the streets. A good way to find native speakers is going to bars that hold language exchanges, or even have someone to stay at your house and take part in a language exchange while living together. You could then visit their country and try living together again there for a time.

Another way to learn Spanish is with a linguistic exchange with MyHOSTpitality

If learning Spanish is still an effort, you’re finding it difficult to get motivation and you see you’re not advancing, a great idea is to take part in a linguistic exchange, visiting a city and living with a host family in Spain in order to completely immerse yourself, living with and getting a feel for the language.

If you can’t travel, there is also another possibility of learning the language first hand: living with a native in your own house. To do so, you need to register as an English host family and you can learn the language through daily life without leaving your house. You’ll first need to provide a room for a Spaniard; your family can choose the right candidate and agree on the conditions. For example: the length of the stay, how and when you’re going to practice the language and the rules for living together.

What do you think of this advice for learning Spanish in a more efficient and practical way?

If you have a different tip or trick that you want to share with us, get in touch through our social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Come and tell us more tricks for learning Spanish and become part of our community to follow our advice and news about language learning!


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