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Equipo de Marketing November 26, 2015

Learn languages travelling while enjoying free accommodation.

Travelling is one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences that exists and you can do it throughout your whole life.

Why should you travel?

  • You get to see new worlds.

You’ll discover incredible places that you’d only be able to see in films or magazines if you didn’t leave your surroundings to go and see them. There are thousands of really incredible places to visit.

Here’s a link to 101 incredible places you could visit:

  • You get to take a break.

We spend our lives in the same places: work and home. Sometimes it feels good to disconnect and travel to other places; to break with our routines as we get tired and discouraged and start losing our concentration as well. If this is the case, what you need is to get some fresh air visiting a new country.

  • You grow as a person.

You’ll see the inequalities of each country, you’ll become more selfless, tolerant and respectful and you’ll see problems from a different perspective. You’ll know that they’re not as important as we think. You’ll also become more flexible and be capable of adapting to any situation or environment. Above all, you’ll learn from your mistakes. You’ll get to know yourself better, your way of dealing with things and you’ll also be taking an internal trip, and this is one of the keys to being happy and leading a life consistent with who you are. In addition, travelling will teach you more about yourself.

  • You’ll forget your fears.

There is an element of uncertainty when you travel to another country, you don’t know what’s going to happen, what you’re going to see or what problems you might encounter but you’ll have to overcome the situation yourself and so you’ll face new situations that will help you to lose your fears.

  • You’ll broaden your mind.

Being in a different environment and getting to know new people, places and customs will open your mind to new ideas and you’ll be able to understand, respect and not judge different points of view. You’ll be more tolerant and open to other lifestyles.

One problem when it comes to travelling is money and one of the most costly things is your hotel, or equivalent.  But we have a solution:

is a community that allows you to travel with free accommodation, spending time with a host family and in exchange, just having to teach them your language.

Share your language travelling with MyHOSTpitality.

With MyHOSTpitality you can:

  • Travel with free accommodation in return for a language exchange.
  • Decide with which other community members you want to do the exchange, looking at age, place, sex, hobbies etc.
  • Have flexibility with dates, the members agree when and for how long.
  • Guarantee yourself a linguistic exchange. The interest in the language exchange is mutual which assures that both parties will practice their target language. You go to teach them your language in exchange for a room and the family hosting integrates you into their schedule and family life, treating you like another member of their family. Then you reciprocate when they come and visit you.
  • You’ll also have a cultural immersion. The welcome and hospitality is done on a reciprocal basis. You share activities, foods, traditions etc with the exchange family, getting to know first hand the culture of the country you’ve decided to visit.

These are the advantages you’d have travelling and experiencing other cultures with MyHOSTpitality; learning other languages and living with host families that offer you accommodation in exchange for you teaching them your language. Isn’t it a fantastic idea? Don’t wait any longer and take advantage now, it’s free!

If you like the idea of this new way of travelling, experiencing cultures and learning languages, don’t forget to share the news and tell your friends. If you want to be up to date with all our news, we invite you to follow us on our social networks Facebook and Twitter. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact us either through our social networks or by email:

Don’t wait a moment more; come with us to try new experiences!

We’re waiting for you!!


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