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Equipo de Marketing October 16, 2015

The benefits that learning new languages has on your health.

Learning languages has many advantages, we’ve already told you about several in previous posts. Above all, we’ve talked about the fact that it’s fundamental in the educational and work sectors and even in your personal life. But today we’re going to talk about the benefits that learning languages has on our health and that it also helps us to have a better quality of life. It seems difficult to believe that by just learning a new language, we can improve our health and prevent certain illnesses like Alzheimer’s but it is true! Keep reading to find out all the health benefits of learning a new language.

Here are 6 benefits that learning languages has on our health:


  • It prevents Alzheimer’s.

A study revealed that the onset of this illness could be delayed by up to 4 or 5 years in people who know more than one language. Furthermore, they have a 4% smaller chance of suffering from this illness. Surprising, right?

  • It improves your capacity to multitask.

Those who can speak more than one language are able to do several activities at the same time and change from one to the other.

  • It improves your concentration.

When you’re bilingual, you’re not as susceptible to distractions and your capacity for concentration and attention is better.

  • Decision making is easier.

When you learn new languages, brain activity improves and therefore there’s less interference between the cells. This control is related to the decision making neurones and so decisions are made more efficiently and quickly.

  • You get better at problem solving.

Learning the grammar and vocabulary of a new language means developing new strategies to learn them, in turn, these new strategies can be used to solve other types of problems.

  • It improves your memory.

Learning a language means a huge mental workout for your brain and this helps it to develop and improve your memory as you’re memorising new words, new grammar rules and this means a workout and training for your memory.


What do you think of these advantages? It’s curious how learning a language can help us so much, so… What are you waiting for? Is it too difficult? And if we told you we could help?

Learn new languages with MyHOSTpitality.

Yes, we can help you to learn a new language in an innovative way through our online community You just have to register and choose one of our three options: a language exchange, be a guest or be a host. Read on for more information:

Language exchange:

Two members of the community get in touch with each other and send a member of their family, for a set period of time, to learn another language through cohabiting with the other family in another country. Then viceversa, the first family receives a member of the second family.


Language exchange being a guest:

Again taking place between two members of the community, one offers lodging in order to practice the native language of the person they’re hosting. They exchange room and board for language practice. The person who goes to the foreign country has the possibility to see another way of life, another culture and learn a little of the language in the country they’re visiting with no hotel costs. All they have to do is share and practice their language with their host according to the agreement between them.


Language exchange being a host:

One member offers a room to a guest member from another country in order to practice the guest’s native language with them in their own home. They talk and learn while living together and taking part in daily activities such as eating, cooking, doing hobbies, talking about the news, going out with friends, chatting, watching TV, listening to music etc during an agreed amount of time.


So now you know! Don’t wait any longer to learn another language, it’s never too late and now we’ve told you about all the health benefits… If you’re interested in learning a language within our community, you only have to register! If you have any questions, please get in touch through our social networks, facebook or twitter or send us an email to and we’ll be happy to help you.


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