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Christmas: differences between Spain and The United Kingdom

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Christmas: differences between Spain and The United Kingdom

Equipo de Marketing December 2, 2016

Christmas around the world inspires forgiveness and helping the needy.

People reunite with their families and walk through the streets cherishing the Christmas lights. Nevertheless, the most important thing is the preaching for forgiveness and love to one another on the mentioned festivity.

There are different ways of celebrating it depending on the part of the place we found ourselves in. Australia celebrate it in summer and people in Mexico have dinner after they attend to church at midnight. Even Hanukkah, which has Little to do with Christmas due to religious topics, is celebrated the same dates and in different ways all around the world.



In Spain the lights start to illuminate the country at the end of November. Christmas trees y “belenes” which fake Christ’s birth decorate the Spanish houses. When truly Christmas starts is on Christmas Eve. Families reunite to have dinner together where lamb, seafood and cold meat are usually the main dishes. It is a familiar reunion which can finish very late in the night. Meanwhile, the King of Spain talks the known Christmas speech.

The 25th of December is Christmas day and it is destined to the youngest of the family, with Santa Claus’ presents. At lunch time, families reunite again to enjoy the second meal.

Also, there is the lottery tradition. Almost every Spanish person buys a ticket for “El Gordo de Navidad”, the highest prize. Another big way to celebrate Christmas is asking for el Aguinaldo: the kids sing Christmas songs while playing instruments so their family, mainly the grandparents, whill give them a certain amount of money.

The 31st of December, as everywhere, the last day of the year is welcomed. In Spain, families have dinner together again, although in Nordic Countries they celebrate it with their friends. Seconds before it is midnight, the lock placed in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, makes the final count of 12 seconds. Each second every single person in Spain eats a grape and asks for a wish for the New Year. After the toast, the youngsters use to go out to celebrate through the night with friends, which end with a family lunch on New Year’s Day.



On the contrary of Spain, the English-speaking country celebrates a huge dinner on Christmas Day, the 25th of December, where all the family reunites and place their presents under the Christmas tree. The mistletoe can’t be missed at the entrance of the houses, where following the tradition, twopeople who stand under it have to kiss. Their dinner consists of turkey with roast potatoes and pudding as a dessert. Before dinner, it is usual to attend the religious party to celebrate Christ’s birth. As in Spain, The Qeeen also gives a speech on television.

Chorale groups flood the streets of United Kingdom singing Christmas songs at every house. Trafalgar Square is invaded by Christmas contests meanwhile people enjoy their music. The children, on the other side, play with crackers, toys which, by stretching it, break and give little presents.

One of the big differences with Spain is Boxing Day on the 26th of December. UK people throw everything they don’t want and donate it to the people who most need it. Although it is not common in Spain, there are a lot of people who take this tradition seriously in the Hispanic country.

There are many different ways to celebrate Christmas around the world, but something is clear: Christmas is a festivity to be with the family. You don’t have to stay at your home country; you can enjoy different cultures on Christmas and learn new languages. You already know the differences between Spain and The United Kingdom. Now you only need to experiment it by yourelf and live the magic of the English Christmas.

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