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Learning languages: benefits for families and their employees

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Learning languages: benefits for families and their employees

Equipo de Marketing October 4, 2016

Learning languages can’t continue being a pending subject for workers and families.

Nowadays, due to globalisation, learning languages has turned into an obligation for any professional who wants to find a job or ascend at it, and for those enterprises that want not only to become international but also to increase locally. For all of this, market is more demanding within the days and asks for professionals and enterprises characterised by their facility to learn languages.

Nevertheless, we know that it is almost impossible for the families of lots of professional people to dedicate their time to learn languages in their day-a-day life. This way, MyHOSTpitality is born, an online community that allows learning languages easily by saving money and time.

MyHOSTpitality helps the family of its community to connect with each other to organise exchanges and linguistic trips, giving birth to an experience full of culture and language learning in the visited country.


MyHOSTpitality is built by a community superior to 4.000 users living in more than 60 countries, and it is formed by multiple families who look for the same objective: learn new languages. These are some examples:


Douglas lives with his family in Chicago. This family characterises itself because they love travelling and meeting people from new places. View profile.


Family Álvarez would like to learn English, meeting at the same time people and getting to share their culture. View profile.


Family Glaría defines itself by active, creative, open, excited to learn English and that look forward to meet people from other countries to make their dream come true. View profile.


Professionals and families are not the only ones who learning languages generate a benefit to, because enterprises also win; but, what would enterprises win if their employees learnt languages along their family?

  • More motivation from their employees due to a better ambient and productivity.
  • Creation of bonds between the workers, making the co-working easily and allowing the resolving of conflicts.
  • Feeling of pertinence to the enterprise, making the employees turn the corporative objectives into their own ones.
  • Development of a public and private image of the enterprise.
  • Improvement of the languages raising of their employees, making possible the internationalization of their activities.


MyHOSTpitality has three ways for families to learn languages: an exchange, to be invited and to be a host. However, due to the limit of the time, the stay and the exchange are the modalities that go better to the needs.

Stay. The employee and the family can take a person as an guest for the time they agree; they give him a place to stay and treat him like one of the family. On the other hand the invited will teach them their languages for some hours per day.

Exchange. The employees can send a member of their family for a period to live with another and respectively they receive a member of the other family.


MyHOSTpitality is not only about these thee ways, as families from the community can also enjoy other services:

  • Communities for enterprises. The creation for private enterprises composed only by families and works from the enterprises.
  • Academic curse or semester in USA or United Kingdom living with a native family.
  • International campsites with or without English classes, campsites for natives in the United Kingdom and stays with a local family in the United Kingdom going to a campsite for natives.
  • Au Pair. Searching for au pairs or working as one.

This way, there is no excuse for families and professional workers to learn languages. For any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us by email to where we rapidly will answer you. You can also contact us in our social network: Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where we daily post all the last news about learning languages.

Finally, here we leave you other posts related to this one in our blog.

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