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7 Reasons You Should Do a Language Immersion Program in Spain

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7 Reasons You Should Do a Language Immersion Program in Spain

Equipo de Marketing April 13, 2018

7 Reasons You Should Do a Language Immersion Program in Spain

Did you take Spanish in high school or college and you can’t remember anything? Or you couldn’t even speak it well in the first place, because you felt like the system and course weren’t structured for communication? Do you just want a change of scenery, something new and exciting? If any of these sound like you, then you should consider doing a language immersion program in Spain.

  1. Cultural Growth & Experience

Imagine not just travelling, but actually living in a totally different country one you’ve never lived in. Where the
people have different customs, and speak a totally different language. Think about all the memories and stories you will gain during this time abroad.Language Inmersion

By participating in a language immersion program, you will be able to expand the horizon of opportunities that are available to you. You will experience growth in your life by becoming more independent than ever before.


  1. Trends of the Job Market

Ever since the expansion of globalism in the marketplace, companies and organizations have strived to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the consumers. Now that Language Inmersion
companies have greater opportunities to reach even more consumers, thanks to globalization, the demand for bilingual or multilingual employees in the workforce have grown. Current trends will continue to demand for these employees, and if one does not keep up with market trends, they can be expected to have no place in this marketplace and will be replaced by someone that has even greater skills than he or she currently does. That is why doing a language immersion program can help you learn or refine your second language, helping make you indispensable and increase your value in the marketplace today.

  1. Benefits of Being Bilingual or Multilingual

On top of being more attractive to potential job recruiters and prospectors, learning another language can bring positive health benefits in your life. Being bilingual or multilingual has shown to have several mental and cognitive benefits: better attention span, improve ability to multitask, low stress levels.  As for health benefits, studies show that knowing another language helps fight against: dementia, strokes, and Alzheimer’s.

  1. Global Travelling Opportunities

Living in Spain has its perks. It is so conveniently located in Europe and above Africa,Language Immersion giving you plenty of opportunities to travel outside the country to visit even more cultures and have greater experiences. Since Spain is located close to the equator as well, there are plenty of beaches that will be open and used during any season of the year.


  1. Immersion vs. Traditional Course

The benefits of joining an immersion program is that you have more chances to experience the world than you typically would be able to in a class room setting. You get first-hand experience of the culture and people, bettering your skills of adaptability and your tolerance for change.

The community that you choose to live in is a tool that should be used throughout your time in Spain. Especially because the Spanish people love to talk and converse with one another they would be happy to engage in conversation which will help better your communicative skills. In a classroom setting they are more concerned with teaching grammar and the literature background of any language. They focus less on the importance of communication, which is one reason why so many people forget Spanish after high school.

When you speak the language, you are experiencing it, it becomes a part of your identity and it lives within you. In classroom settings it is being dissected, not being experienced but rather being observed from the background, it feels distant and cold, which cause you to lose interest in learning it.

  1. Affordability

The cost of living in Spain is relatively cheap. Prices vary depending on which province you choose to live in. Madrid is the most expensive, but even then, everything is relatively cheap. Doing an immersion program through MyHOSTpitality allows you to avoid housing cost because you get the opportunity to live with a local family, which will help you understand Spanish better, also giving you the opportunity to help them understandLanguage Immersion English better. Public transportation is ridiculously cheap and efficient.
The bars and restaurants in Madrid are pretty inexpensive, when you get a drink it will usually come with free tapas which are basically appetizers. Most of the money you will be spending will probably be on the travelling you do outside of Spain.

  1. Spanish the Language

Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is the 2nd most spoken language in the United States of America. It continues to grow rapidly all across the world. Doing a language immersion program in Spanish is relevant for the world today and in the foreseeable future as well.

There are many more reasons why you should do a language immersion program in Spain. If you feel like any of these reasons have truth, then you should join the language exchange community at MyHOSTpitality. There you will find options and steps on how to begin your own cultural experience through the language immersion programs.

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For more information do not hesitate to contact us through our email, we will be happy to help you.

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