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Equipo de Marketing May 21, 2015

Learn Spanish in the comfort of your own home.  You can learn by watching these 6 Youtube channels!

Learn Spanish using YouTube videos gives you the opportunity to practice the listening (different accents) and appreciating the movements of lip and mouth movements of Spanish speakers.

In addition, you can pause and rewind any fragment of the video as many times as you want and check the aspects that are more complicated for you at your own pace.

Unfortunately, after a first search of videos to learn Spanish, we find a huge amount of results that are not enough quality or interest for us, and we have to spend a lot of time to perform a pre-selection, especially if we are beginners.

For that reason, on this occasion we want to leave to you a list of YouTube channels where you will be able to find quality videos. Every channel has its peculiarities and proper style. Check the list and discover which it is the one that can be more useful to you in your language learning.

1. Web Spanish

The videos represent diverse situations interpreted by actors. it is a funny and different way to learn a language. They are entirely in Spanish, there are no translations but the pace of the speech is slow to moderate. Recommended for Advanced Beginners and above.

2. Spanishdict

Many of you know this web for its great translator. Also it has a series of quality videos of different subject-matters, well produced, structured and presented. The videos are usually in Spanish and English.

3. Professor Jason Spanish

This professor offers a wide variety of videos that cover various aspects of grammar and speech. The videos last about 20 minutes and its presentation is friendly. The teacher speaks in both English and Spanish languages, translating as he goes along. There are videos for beginners, intermediates, and advanced Spanish language learners.

4. SpanishPod 101

These free videos are great not only for learning Spanish but also for knowing more about the Spanish culture and lifestyle. Each two-four minutes video includes topics such as holidays, traditions, festival, etc.. , with Spanish and English subtitles.It is recommended especially for intermediate and advanced Spanish language learners. There are also some videos in Mexican Spanish

5. El blog para aprender español (the blog to learn spanish)

They are very good videos on specific thematic vocabulary: museums, airport, beach, doctor, media communication, etc. or on aspects of grammar: the future, conditional, “ser y estar”, etc. Highly recommended for beginners.

6. Learn Spanish

Short and useful video lessons organized by levels with pronunciation, listening and grammar exercises. There are also some videos with interviews to famous Spanish people (such as Penelope Cruz, Rafa Nadal or Fernando Torres).

We hope that this information will be useful to you, and you will be able to continue learning Spanish.

Please, please leave us your comments about our contents to help us improve.

If you are interested in finding new ways to learn Spanish or other languages, please visit our website and join our community., is the first sharing economy online community directed to families, young people and professionals with concern for language learning and cultural exchange through the coexistence with native people in the language of interest, promoting values as hospitality and tolerance among people of other countries, cultures and languages.



  1. María March 1, 2016

    Thank you for the mention about our Youtube channel “El blog para aprender español”; we focus on different areas of vocabulary in Spanish, functions of the language, grammar and pronunciation.

    Our videos are very simple but practical and useful for our students and followers! (That’s what we try!)

    Congratulations on your web and blog, very interesting!


    1. Thank you for having such interesting videos with great content in them. We posted it because we thought that your videos can help to learn and improve Spanish both, people from our online community and people everywhere, so is a pleasure for us sharing this kind of youtube channels 🙂
      Thank you for your comment, we hope you have found it interesting and if you want more information we will be pleased to help you!

  2. Anna Mackay January 26, 2017

    Can I join a class for conversation intermidiate
    Anna Mackay

    1. Mª Ángeles León Lambea January 30, 2017

      Hi, Anna. What do you mean exactly with that question? I would like to help you, but I don’t understand that question, at least in this post. Sorry.

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