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10 Incredible Reasons to learn Spanish in Colombia

Learn Spanish

10 Incredible Reasons to learn Spanish in Colombia


How does it sound to learn Spanish in Colombia?

Are you looking for a destination to do a language exchange and learn or practice Spanish? Colombia must be at the top of your list! Here are 10 incredible reasons you should learn Spanish in Colombia!

1. Colombians speak Spanish very well.

Colombia’s reputation of speaking Spanish very well was born in the nineteenth century. Although it has some mythical aspects to it, it also has quite a bit of truth. In fact, the same Victor Garcia de la Concha, former director of The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, agrees. He says that Colombians have been attentive to follow grammar rules, respect the syntax in everyday speech and have a clear pronunciation. You can learn Spanish in Colombia and guarantee your learning of the proper Spanish language.Learn Spanish in Colombia

2. An exchange in Colombia will make you love Mondays…the festive ones.

While in the rest of the world the great majority of people suffer the return to their weekly routine every Monday, in Colombia people enjoy 13 festive Mondays per year. These festive Mondays make the weekends a wonderful opportunity to make short trips around the country. You will have just enough time to visit all of the must-see tourist spots. By traveling around, you are sure to learn Spanish in Colombia at a much faster pace due to your daily interactions with Colombians.

Learn Spanish in Colombia3. Colombia is cheap…for foreigners.

Since Colombia currency is weak compared to the US Dollar or the Euro, the purchasing power of most foreigners in this country is extraordinary. This means that you can enjoy services and products at a very convenient price for you once you exchange your cash to the Colombian peso. You can get souvenirs or simply shop without worrying about the high prices experienced in some other parts of the world. This allows you to learn Spanish in Colombia because you can spend more time and money outside without worrying about your bank account too much!

Learn Spanish in Colombia4. The Colombian happiness is contagious.

Colombians are very happy. In fact, in several rankings they have been at the top of the lists of happy countries in the world. A Huffington post shared the results for the WIN/Gallop International Association’s annual global end of the year survey claiming Colombia to be the happiest country in the world. Why not learn Spanish in Colombia and be super happy while you’re at it?

Learn Spanish in Colombia

5. You will not only learn Spanish, but you will learn how to dance as well.

One of the few things we love more than holidays is dancing. In this country, you will get infected with Colombians’ joy and rhythm. Without even realizing it, your hip will start to move and you will wonder how you could have lived so many years without dancing salsa, vallenato and champeta. You can learn Spanish in Colombia through their music by carefully listening to song lyrics in these different music genres.

Learn Spanish in Colombia6. Colombians love foreigners.

Colombians love to have people visit their country and enjoy their stay. They are friendly by nature and want to share the best of themselves and their land with the rest of the world. Also, no matter how much you mess up while you try to perfect and learn Spanish in Colombia, you will feel motivate and supported so that you do not get frustrated.

Learn Spanish in Colombia7. You will make great friends.

Colombians are warm and have great places to make friends. When you go out in Colombia, you will see that the people in the bus, in the streets, and in the restaurants, talk to you. This is not only a great way to practice and learn Spanish in Colombia, but it will also allow you to know more about the people and the culture.

Learn Spanish in Colombia

8. Colombia is a great destination for 2017.

According to Lonely Planet, Colombia is the second-best destination in the world to visit this year. With just these photos you will understand exactly why you want to learn Spanish in Colombia:

Learn Spanish in Colombia

Learn Spanish in Colombia

Learn Spanish in Colombia





9. Colombia’s nature is beautiful.

The truth is that Colombia is a paradise. Name another country in the world where you can find a mountain with snow by the sea, or can enjoy a perfect climate all year round. The more you tour the country, the more you fall in love with it and the more you learn Spanish in Colombia.

10. You will not “dar papaya” again.

On your trip to Colombia you will learn the most important life lesson: no dar papaya. In Colombia, you will be filled with a healthy cunning that will help you to travel the world and always keep you safe and alert. “No dar papaya” is one of the most typical sayings of this culture and if you still do not know what it means, I recommend watching thisOr, you can just visit Colombia to learn Spanish and learn the meaning of “no dar papaya” during your stay!

So, do not wait any longer and visit MyHOSTpitality! Start organizing your own cultural and linguistic exchange so you can learn Spanish in Colombia! Connect with people like Brigitte, Oscar and Sandra who are living in Colombia and would love to bring you into their home while learning Spanish.

Now that you have been convinced to visit Colombia, it is time for the next step. First, start planning with MyHOSTpitality. To give yourself a head start you can also meet Maria. She is a Colombian social communicator and journalist, completely passionate about the languages, the cultures of the world and her own country, Colombia. This year she started a project called Español with María. Through this project she shares free Spanish lessons with Spanish students. You can follow her social networks to practice Spanish daily and prepare yourself for Colombia!

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